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Interpreting the Test Results:  Each entry in the lens results tables consists of nine columns.  Here's the definitions of what is contained in each columns.

Column 1:  Focal Length.  Usually in millimeters (mm), but can also be in inches (") or centimeters (cm) depending on the units the manufacturer used in labeling the lens.  Handy conversion: 1" = 25.4mm

Column 2:  Maximum aperture (f-stop).

Column 3:  Name of lens manufacturer.

Column 4:  Manufacturer's product designation or trade name.

Column 5:  Measured resolution, at tested aperture.   Each entry in this column consists of an aperture value (f-stop) followed three resolution values.  The first resolution value is at the center of the field, the second value is the resolution at the midpoint, and the final value is the corner resolution.  All values are expressed in the standard unit of line pairs per millimeter (lp/mm).  Higher values are better.  Example: an entry of f/16: 60 54 32 would indicated measured resolution values at f/16, of 60 lp/mm center, 54 lp/mm midpoint, and 32 lp/mm corner.

Column 6:  Measured weight in grams (g).

Column 7:  Shutter Type.

Column 8:  Partial serial number.

Column 9:  Approximate date of manufacture.

Kerry L. Thalmann, 1999