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Welcome to Kerry's Large Format Homepage!

I've been a large format photographer and an active participant in several online large format discussion areas (perhaps you've "seen me around") for many years.  I've learned a lot over the years, and this web site is my little way of giving something back to the large format online community.  I hope you will find the information here useful.  Also, watch for my articles and equipment reviews in View Camera Magazine.

Update (10/06/02):  Updated the LF Links section and general site clean-up.

Update (06/26/01):  Sorry, no new content, just yet another move.  Kerry's Large format Homepage will now have a permanent home at

Update (03/16/01):  I have updated my Toho Review to include information on the Toho Eccentric Lens Panel for wide angle lenses and a custom make extender set made by Steve Grimes for using longer lenses on the Toho.   The Toho Review has gotten quite long, with even more jpeg images.  As a result, load times have reached the unacceptable level for those without broadband connections.  I plan to sub-divide the review into sections to improve load times, but for now, I wanted to get the information online and accessible.  I'll post another update notice once the Toho Review is re-paginated.

Update (06/08/00):  I've finally gotten around to updating my Future Classics section (complete with pictures).   So, if you'd like to know which lenses (in my personal opinion) are destined to be the future equivalents of the Gold Dot Dagors and APO Lanthars, check it out.

Update (04/09/00):  I'm a big fan of Fujinon large format lenses, but it can be real difficult to find accurate information about these fine lenses.  So, I decided to share what I know and hope others will do the same.   My new Fujinon Lens Pages contain everything I know (so far) about Fujinon large format lenses (for even more information on Fujinon lenses - see my article: Fujinon Lenses - Past and Present in the Nov/Dec, 2001 issue of View Camera).  If you own, or are contemplating buying, any Fujinon large format lenses please check it out.  This is my largest section yet, with pictures of many types of Fujinon lenses (in different style shutters and how to determine if your lens is single coated or EBC multicoated), plus scanned promotional brochures, spec sheets and price lists.

Update (11/23/99):  Tired of lugging around heavy large format lenses?  Then check out my new section on Lightweight Lenses.  In this new section, I cover the best options in lightweight lenses from 90mm - 450mm.  If, like me, you enjoy combining backpacking with large format photography, weight is always an issue.  However, by choosing carefully, you can assemble a lightweight lens trio that weighs less than a pound and a half, or a four lens set at less than 2 lbs.

Update (11/04/99):  I'm starting to fill out the contents of this web site.  There is actually some useful information to be found here.  For example, check out my review of the Toho Shimo FC-45X.  In case you missed it the first time around, I dug my "Future Classics" post out of the archives and added it here as well (it's about LF lenses that I think are destined to become classics).  Enjoy these tidbits and check back periodically.  I'll be adding a lot more content over the next few months.


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