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Here's a few links to some large format resources available online.  This list is not intended to be complete or exhaustive - it's just a list of links I was familiar with at the time it was compiled. These links are for informational purposes only - their presence here is not necessarily meant as an endorsement or resommendation.  Web sites come and go and URLs change.  I tested these links at the time this page went online, but if you find one that's broken, please let me know.

Online Information for the Large Format Photographer

Tuan's Large Format Homepage - The granddaddy, and still the best, dedicated large format web site.   Lots of reviews, helpful articles and thought provoking discussions.

View Camera Magazine - The only magazine dedicated to large format photography.  Including - Getting Started in Large Format Photography - an online guide for those considering a move up to large format.

photo.net - Commercial megasite covering all aspects of photography.  Contains a fair amount of large format info - the problem is finding it among all the 35mm and digital coverage.  Still, worth the effort.

graphlex.org - A VERY thorough site dedicated to Graflex Cameras (Speed Graphic, etc.), also has some good info on older lenses.

Chris Perez' Large Format Lens Test Results - Lens resolution test results for over 100 LF lenses of all ages and brands.

LF Equipment Dealers

Badger Graphic Sales - Large format specialty shop with a very knowledgeable and helpful staff.  Database-driven web site with product information, pricing, online ordering and links to manufacturers' web sites.

Bromwell Marketing - Large & Medium Format Cameras, Lenses & Accessories.

B&H Photo-Video - New York mail order megastore.  Huge selection of all kinds of photographic equipment and supplies - including large format.

Calumet Photographic - Large format gear and great service are their specialities.  Hold onto their printed catalogs, they are chock full of information about large format equipment and make great references.

The f-Stops Here - Another LF specialty shop selling new and used large format equipment.

KEH.com - Used equipment dealer with a well stocked large format section.

Lens & Repro Equipment Corp. - Large format sales and rentals - always a huge selection of classic large format lenses.

Midwest Photo Exchange - Used equipment dealer with a good selection of large format gear.

Photomark - "Arizona's View Camera Specialist".

Quality Camera - New and used large format equipment store in Atlanta offering "Expert Large Format Advice with Great Southern Service".

Robert White - UK Dealer with great prices, great service and great selection.  Ships internationally.

The View Camera Store - Large format specialty store offering film, equipment, darkroom products and film testing services.

LF Equipment Manufacturers

Cameras and Accessories

Bender Photographic - Large Format View Camera Kits in 4x5 and 8x10.

Cambo - Manufacturer of large format monorail cameras and accessories, studio stands, specialty wide angle cameras, etc.

Ebony Professional View Cameras - Beautifully made Japanese wooden field cameras.

Gandolfi Limited - Makers and restorers of large format field cameras since 1885.

Gowland - Maker of ultralight large format monorails, large format TLRs, hand-held and aerial cameras and accessories.

GranView - Lightweight, hand-holdable large format cameras.

Horseman - Large format monorail and technical cameras and accessories.

K. B. Canham Cameras Inc. - Maker of wooden and metal field cameras and 6x17 roll film back.

Linhof - Precision cameras made in Munich.

Lotus View Camera - Austrian maker of wooden field cameras and accessories in formats from 4x5 - 20x24.

Panfield - South African maker of a unique ultralight monorail field camera.

Shen-Hao - Affordably priced wooden field cameras made in China.

Sinar - Swiss manufacturer of studio monorail camera and accessories.

Toho Machine Co., LTD. - Makers of the Toho Shimo ultralight monorail field cameras in 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 formats.

Toyo-View - Makers of large format monorail and field cameras and a full line of large format accessories.

Wehman - Maker of a unique ultralight, ultra-rugged 8x10 field camera.

The Wisner Company - Complete online catalog for all their large format cameras, from 4x5 - 20x24 - and speciality lenses.

Wista - Maker of wooden and metal large format cameras, roll film backs and other large format accessories.

Large Format Lenses:

Congo Lenses from Yamasaki Optical Co.,Ltd. - Budget priced lenses mostly based on classic four element (wide field gauss and Tessar) designs.

Cooke Optics, Ltd. - Makers of the Cooke Portrait PS945 soft focus lens for 4x5 large format photography.

Fujinon does not have an official web site for their excellent large format lenses.  I have created a set of Unofficial Fujinon Web Pages on my site.  If all you want is specs on their current products, go right to this Fujinon brochure.

Nikon does not provide any official online information for their Nikkor large format lenses.  However, you can visit the web site of photographer Carey Bird and view a scanned copy of a Nikon brochure with specs on their large format lenses.

Rodenstock Large Format Lenses - This link will take you directly to the large format lens section on the Rodenstock Präzisionsoptik GmbH web site - including complete specs on all their current products.  I have also posted an Age vs. Serial Number Table here on my site.

Schneider Large Format Lenses - This link takes you directly to the section on current Schneider large format lenses on the the web site of Schneider Optics - the official U.S. distributor for Schneider LF lenses.  Here you can find complete specs and even MTF curves for all their current lenses.  This site also conatians a wealth of information on older Schneider large format lenses - including an Age of Lenses serial number table and Vintage Lens Data for several discontinued Schneider large format lenses.  For even more information on Schneider large format lenses, visit the Schneider-Kreuznach web site of the manufacturer.  The site is primarily in German, but some pages are also avaliable in English, as are pdf data sheets on some of their recently introduced products.

Equipment Repairs and Machine Work

S.K. Grimes - Photographer's Machinist - Shutter repairs, mounting lenses in shutters and custom fabrication work for the large format photographer.

Large Format Film Manufacturers





Large Format Photography on the Net

Kerry L. Thalmann - A few of my images online.  Large Format Images of Nature.

Roy Harrington - A master of the black & white landscape.  I love this guy's work.

Christoper Burkett - 8x10 color landscape photographer and master Ilfochrome printer.

David Meunch - The dean of color landscape photographers.

Jack Dykynga - Another great large format color landscape photographer.

Jeff Foott - Former wildlife photographer now shooting large format and panoramic landscapes.

William Neill - Color landscape photographer who lives near Yosemite National Park.

Ansel Adams Gallery - Works by the master himself - and many others, too.

John Sexton - Another black and white master - former assistant to Ansel Adams.


Other Photo Resources

PhotoTrip USA - A great resource for photographers heading to the American Southwest.  Publisher of Photographing the Southwest -  Volumes 1 and 2, and Land of the Canyons photo guidebooks and companion CD-ROMs.  Also, for some great photography, check out their current and past Showcases.

Photograph America is a bi-monthly location oriented newsletter that details "where, when and how to discover the best nature photograpgy in North America".  Published by Robert Hitchman.

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