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Welcome to the large format equipment section of Kerry's Large Format Homepage.

A word of warning is in order.  Everything on this site is based on my own experiences, preferences and needs.  Specifically, I am a color landscape photographer who likes to hike and backpack.  So, things like weight and portabibilty are more important to me than to someone who shoots in a studio, or close to their vehicle.  Although this site contains a lot of good factual information (specs, etc.), the material covered here, and the opinions expressed, will always be based on my own personal needs and preferences.  Keep that in mind when browsing here, and please don't get offended if you disagree with something I say.  What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa.  As you read the articles here, filter the information based on your own wants and needs.  Use the information as guidelines, but form your own opinions based on your own needs, preferences and experiences.  Don't accept anything here as absolute gospel - it's not.  It's just my personal opinions.

For a much broader view, in terms of both equipment and opinions, check out my LF Links page.  It contains links to several other large format related sites - including many manufacturer's web sites.

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