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Fujinon Large Format Lenses - March, 1997

Note:  This brochure is in Japanese.  Even though I don't speak Japanese, it's not too hard to figure out the row headings in the spec tables.  To make it easier read, I "translated" these headings to English as best I could.

Danger!!!  Big files ahead:   As with the April, 1981 brochure, in order to insure that the text and diagrams are still readable the following files, even after jpeg compression, are quite large.  Unlike the older brouchures, the March, 1997 brochure also includes pictures of each lens type (good for judging the relative size of some of these lenses).

Fujinon CM/W Lens Line:  With ten lenses in their current general purpose lens line, I had to divide this into two parts to keep the file size from getting out of hand.  So, there are separate pages for the picture of the CM/W lenses (79k) and the spec table for the CM/W line (157k).

Fujinon SWD: (142k)  Pictures and specs for the Super Wide Deluxe (f5.6) SWD series.

Fujinon SW: (145k)  Pictures and specs for the Super Wide (f8) SW series.

Fujinon A: (118k)  Pictures and specs for the "super-apochromatic" A series.

Fujinon C: (159k)  Pictures and specs for the Compact C series.

Fujinon T: (161k)  Pictures and specs for the Telephoto T series.

Fujinon SF: (144k)  Pictures and specs for the Soft Focus SF series.

Kerry L. Thalmann, 2000