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Introduction SWDS - SWS WS - NWS LS - TS AS - SFS EBC

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Fujinon Professional Lenses - April, 1981


Danger!!!  Big files ahead:   In order to insure that the text and diagrams are still readable the following files, even after jpeg compression, are quite large.  Unless you have a broadband connection, a lot of time on your hands, or an insatiable curiosity, you may want to forego the following links.  Consider yourself warned.

Introduction: (141k)  This is the opening two page spread for this brochure.  I consists of a very contrasty black and white image of a whole slew of Fuji large format lenses and six paragraphs of marketing prose.

EBC Fujinon SWDS and Fujinon SWS Lines: (157k)  Now we get to the real meat.  This page shows all the specs and dimensions for the wide angle lens lines.

EBC Fujinon WS and EBC Fujinon NWS Lines: (202k)  Specs for the "normal" general purpose lens lines

Fujinon LS and EBC Fujinon TS Lines: (160k)  Specs for the L series (Tessar types) and the 400mm and 600mm telephotos.

EBC Fujinon AS and Fujinon SFS Lines: (182k)  Specs for the "super-apochromatic" A series process lenses and the SF soft focus portrait line.

EBC Description: (63k)  A few paragraphs describing Fuji's patented Electron Beam Coating (EBC) process.

Kerry L. Thalmann, 2000